1 And 1: Germany, UK, USA, Live Chat, Email Support, Free Phone Numbers For Customer Service

Phone Number and Other Contact Details of 1 and 1

Phone Number: You can call at +1-866-991-2631 to contact 1 And 1 customer Support Department.
Hours: 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
Contact Us: You can find additional contact details of 1 And 1 from contact us page.
Helpdesk Email Address: help@1and1.co.UK

Get Live Chat and Telephonic Support from 1and1

You can ask for a live chat and telephonic support from the website and host domain specialists of 1and1 by making a direct call or can follow the below - mentioned steps:
  • Step 1: You have to visit the "Help Center" page of 1and1 or can search for the given address "Www.help.1and1.co.uk".
  • Step 2: You to launch "MyWebsite Editor", where you can find an option of "Contact Icon".
  • Step 3: Click on the Icon, a form of Chat will appear on the screen.
  • Step 4: Now start the Chat with the live representative of 1and1.

Update Local List Business Information At 1and1

You can easily get the access to edit and update the Local List Business information by just login into your registered account. To start your updating process, follow the steps mentioned - below:
  • Step 1: If your location is USA, you can SignIn into your Control Panel Account through this address "https://account.1and1.com/". If you are residing in Canada, you have to go through "https://account.1and1.ca/".
  • Step 2: After login, you have to click on the "List Local Option"
  • Step 3: If a business is registered, enter the profile. If the new business is required to add, then set up your business profile there first.
  • Step 4: Enter the official address and other information about your new business and then save them by clicking the "Save Address" option at the bottom.
  • Step 5: Move to next column for adding contact details and email address of your local business and then save it as above.
  • Step 6: You have to add almost ten industries or distributors that is associated with your business and then click on "Save Button".
  • Step 7: At last, click on "Submit Directories" for finishing the updating or editing process of Local List.
  • Step 8: A confirmation email and SMS will be sent to you for the approval of your online business. You can check your business or company profile by refreshing your account.

1and1 Customer Service Phone Numbers

1and1 UK Corporate Headquarter Number: +0333 336 5780

Toll-Free Number For India, USA, And Rest Of World: +1 866-991-2631

1and1 Corporate Office In Germany: +0721/9605727

Alternative 1and1 Number for German Customers: +0721/9600

Customer Service Support Email Address: support@1and1.com

For Internet And Webmail Help: +1-866-991-2631

For Accounts, Billing, And Website Package Complaints: +0333 336 5780

For Technical Support and Hosting Packages: +0800 731 8994

For Domain Sales Inquiries: +0333 336 5509

1and1 Sales Business Helpline Number: +1-844-296-2059

1and1 Canada Web Security Support Number: +1 866-991-2631

1and1 0800 Direct Head Office Hotline Number: +08007835834

For Cancellation Of Domain and Hosts: +08009176273

International Hosting Cancellation Requests: +44 800 917 6273

Direct Number for 1and1 Locals: +03333365691

Oversea Office Billing Contact Number: +443333365780
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