Aetna Agent Login: Senior Products, Continental Life, Member, Medicare & Dental Provider Phone Number

Aetna Agent Login - How to Login?

There are multiple login portals for the individuals, employers, agents, dental and medical providers.
Agent Login: Brokers and agents of Aetna Healthcare Organization can login their accounts for billing, payment, sign in troubles, and other technical support services.
Members Login: Existing members can login for managing accounts, checking plans, getting quotes, and resolve sign in issues.
Login Provision for New Members: New members can enroll or register their accounts at Aetna in order to get access for online billing, claims, and other membership benefits.

Senior Supplemental Products Login

Senior Supplemental Products Login: Agents can sign in for the secure portal of Senior Products through which they can review their sales reports, check orders, enroll for training programs, track their promotions, set alerts, and submit applications.
Registration Portal: To get access to your agent account at Aetna, you have enroll or sign up your personal information in online registration form.
Become an Agent: If you are willing to join the network of Aetna Healthcare services, you have to send your request of appointment through the given link page.

Continental Life Login

Continental Life Login: The agents can join the network of insurance provided by the Aetna and Continental Life Insurance Companies by sign up or login their accounts.

Contact Details: If an agents face any trouble in registration or login, can call at +1-800-264-4000 during the mentioned hours from Monday to Friday in between 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. To send an email regarding the account issues, forward at

Find A Phone Number: Agents can find out the phone numbers of the concerned Aetna Senior services and product departments through the mentioned directory .

Medicare Provider Login

Medicare Provider Login: Medicare providers can sign or sign up an account at Aetna through which they can find out the plans, ratings, evidence of coverage, check claims, change plans, and get information of flu shots.

Contact Information: Providers can contact the Aetna Insurance Company for plans and account issues.
  • Medicare Advantage (Part C) & Prescription Drug (Part D) Plans: Call at +1-855-335-1407 during Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap): Call at +1-844-795-3428 . Providers can send their text messages to the company through email us form.

Dental Provider Login

Dental Provider Login: Dental agents or providers can login or sign up at Aetna in order to claim policies, change plans, and find forms.

Contact Information: Dental care professional can sort out their technical issues and login trouble through the given contacts.
  • National Dentist Line: Call at +1-800-451-7715 .
  • Dentist Contracting Hotline: For PPO contracts and other information, call at +1-800-776-0537 .
  • For All Dental Encounters: Mail at Aetna Dental Encounters, P.O. Box 14530, Lexington, KY 40512
  • For Claims and Specialist Authorizations: Send at Aetna Dental, P.O. Box 14094, Lexington, KY 40512-4094

Employer International Login

There are multiple login portals for the international employers including:
European, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa Or Latin American and Caribbean Employer Login: Under these area based employers can sign in or sign up their staff for the Aetna plans their given link page.
U.S. Employers Login: To get access for the US based and worldtraveler plans, employers have to login or register here.
China Based Employers Login: Employers in China can enroll their staff members through the given portal of Aetna International.
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