Aetna Health Insurance: Provider, Member Services, Claims, Billing, Virginia, NY, TX Phone Numbers For Customer Service

What is the Customer Service Numer of Aetna Health Insurance?

Phone: +1-800-872-3862
Aetna Health Insurance is a healthcare insurance company that offers various plans to individuals and families. Call at the given number to collect information and support about medical, pharmaceutical, dental, behavioral health and etc. The support team will also assist you with claims and benefits.

Contact Aetna Health Insurance

Contact Us: Send a text message to Aetna Health Insurance regarding the issues like insurance plans, eligibility, rates and claims through the Contact Us page.
General Helpline: Dial +1-800-872-3862 to avail assistance from Aetna Health Insurance regarding the services and insurance plans.
Email Support: Send an email at to Aetna Health Insurance for resolving the queries and questions
Live Chat: Aetna Health Insurance has not provided live chat assistance.
Answers for Common Queries: Aetna Health Insurance has provided Solutions For Multiple Queries related to dental insurance, pharmacy, member rights and other queries.

Invoice Requirements for Submitting A Claim

The invoice requirements for submitting a claim are as under:
  • Name of the patient.
  • Patient’s diagnosis and the cause and nature of his/her illness.
  • Member’s employer name.
  • The name of the member and his/her ID number i.e. the number of Aetna International Identification Card.
  • Full and detailed address of the provider.
  • Complete name of the provider.
  • Full and detailed description for each and every procedure.
  • The money collected from the patient including the amount of currency.
  • Service date for each and every procedure.
  • The an amount which has been charged to the patient for each procedure including the currency.
  • The request can be made for medical records of the patient depending on the services availed and the present situation.
  • It should be noted that the invoices must be presented to the Aetna International within the 60 days of service date. Aetna International shall have the authority that they may not accept the liability for payment of those invoices which are received after 60 days from the date of patient’s discharge from the hospital.

From Where Can I Get A Summary of My Benefits

If you have got the service of insurance through your job, partner’s job or from your spouse’s job, the employer’s (benefits office) will provide you with the full and detailed summary of your benefits. But if you have not taken the insurance by all these means, then you may also find information of your benefits from the Aetna’s Secure Provider (member) website which can be found on
But if both of the options don’t apply to you, then you may contact the company’s member services at1-800-872-3862 as the member service representative will provide you a detailed summary of benefits.

Phone Numbers

Aetna Health Insurance Member Services (USA)
Phone: +1-800-872-3862

Health Insurance Provider
Phone: +1-800-937-6824

For Claim Assistance
Phone: +1-888-702-3862

Billing And Account Reconciliation
Phone: +1-888-287-4206

Aetna Better Health Of Virginia
Phone: +1-866-207-8901

New York (NY), USA: +1 646-866-7068

El Paso, TX: +1-888-632-3862

Student Insurance Plans: +1-877-437-6535

Aetna Better Health Insurance: +1-866-638-1232

Health Plans: +1-800-872-3862

Federal Employees (Help Desk): +1-800-537-9384

Medicare Supplemental Plans: +1-844-795-3428

For Ohio & NJ: +1-800-872-3862

Aetna Health And Life Insurance Company: +1-800-937-6824

Student Health Insurance Plans: +1-877-437-6535

Aetna Better Health Insurance: +1-866-638-1232

For Individuals (Corporate Headquarters): +1-800-872-3862

Health Insurance Service, Florida: +1-877-858-6507
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