Animal Jam: Membership, Ticket, Play Wild, Canada Phone Numbers For Customer Service

Phone Number and Other Contact Details of Animal Jam

Phone Number: You can call at +1888-340-7313 to contact Animal Jam support department.
Animal-Jam Overview
Animal Jam is an online game for kids which is free to play without any charge, all you require is to choose a username. Many features of the game are available for users. To enjoy some more aspects of the game you need to gain a membership as nonmembers enjoy a limited number of animals, they can not purchase animals as this service can be unlocked only by the members and can enjoy the game whatever the jamma renders but it is still fun to play by non-members as well.
Who so ever want to play as a member he needs to buy 3 to 12 months membership.
Animal-Jam Email Support Service If you face any technical hitch in context with the game, we welcome you by emailing us at
Hours: 24 hours, 7 days.
Technical Support: You can visit the technical help page to get answers to your problems.
Animal-Jam Head Quater Contact Number +888-340-7313(The number mentioned is meant for Canada as well)
Membership Or Billing Concern Support If you face any concern with membership or billing then please drop an email at "" They will try their best to resolve your query at the earliest.
Animal-Jam Tickets
Tickets are used as a currency to buy items at summer carnival they can be either purchased with gems or can be achieved as a prize for playing a summer carnival game.

Membership Benefits

Animal Jam has engaged itself with a number of benefits and features for its members.
  • You can have different animals up to 1000
  • You can have upto 1000 den items
  • Diamond prizes for members are available
  • You can create masterpiece of your artwork
  • You can also send gift to buddies
  • You can also collect special dens with special music
  • You can adopt any kind of pet as per your wish
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