Aviva Car Insurance: Ireland, UK, Canada, Cork, Dublin, Accident, Claims Phone Numbers For Customer Service

Phone Number and Other Xontact Options of Aviva Car Insurance

Phone Number: You can call at +0345 030 7077 to contact Aviva Car Insurance.

Working Hours:

The opening working hours and email support is Monday to Friday 8.00am – 8.00pm, Saturday 8.30am – 5.00pm, Sundays 10.00am -4.00pm.
Email Support: is helpdesk@aviva.co.UK
Chatbot Page If you have any query or you want any kind of additional support for short-term insurance please click on the link and you will get redirected to the chatbot page.Please Click Here
How to ClaimIf in any case, you have met with an accident you need to call dayinsure at 08000 156 166 straightaway. You will need your policy number to process your claim and any claim you take it won't affect your any claims discount on any annual policy on the vehicle.
Quote: To get quotes, you can call at +0800 015 4715.

Benefits temporary Car Insurance

The temporary car insurance covers the short term trips or testing out some new wheels. The temporary car insurance gives you a day Insure give you all the protection which you expect from an annual policy. Some of the additional benefits are listed below.
  • 1: Flexible cover- Customers can avail this from 1 to 28 days with optional EU break down cover if you need it.
  • 2: New car replacements- If your car is stolen or extensively damaged within 12 months of purchase from new
  • 3: Accident repair- a customer can enjoy this facility also accidental vehicle will be get repaired.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage

The comprehensive car insurance covers the following:
  • 1: Any lose or demage can be covered under the comprehensive policy.
  • 2: Your lability if you demage someones property, car or injured some one.
  • 3: You will get the unisured driving cover.
  • 4: Your vehicle will get repaired within no time with roadside repairs.
  • 5: Cover for driving some ones else car if you are aged 25 or above.
  • 6:Indudual no claim discount.7: Motor injury protection for you and your partner.

Aviva Car Insurance Customer Service Support Numbers

General Customer Service Convience Number +0800 001 4002

For Ireland +1890562727

For The UK +01603 622 200

For Canada +1-866-692-8482

For Auto Insurance +1-866-692-8482

For Cork +1890 64 64 64

For Dublin +353 1890 332 211

For Existing Customer +0800 001 4002

For Accident +0345 030 6925

For Claims +1 866 692 8482

For Renewal +1-855-788-9090

For Breakdown +0044 6121 02113

For Galway +353 1890 332 211

For Compliants +416-615-3634

For Norwich +44 844 891 1101

For Northern Ireland +1800 535 005

For Quote Free +0800 001 4002

For Landline 0800 068 6800

For Outside Ireland 00 353 1 8987950

For Temperory 08000 156 166
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