BlockChain: Phone Number & Customer Service, Email Support, Wallet App & Login


Phone: You can call at 0800-051-6736 for assistance regarding the crypto currency services and products.
BlockChain is a software portal for sellers and investors in order to sell and purchase the crypto currencies. The company provides services of Bitcoins and Ethereum. BlockChain software is little difficult to learn but easy to use for investments and payments. The company operates millions of wallet accounts that are used for making transactions.
Phone Support: BlockChain provides online support to their customers on 24/7/365 days.

How To Contact BlockChain Customer Service Support Department?

Text Message/Contact Us: You can forward your requests to BlockChain regarding the API, product issues, selling, purchasing, identity verification, etc at contact us page.
Main Helpline: Call at 0800-051-6736 to contact BlockChain about the login issues, selling and purchasing of currencies, wallet issues, etc.
Live Chat: BlockChain has not rendered any provision for live chat, customers can sort out their general issues by calling at 0800-051-6736 .
Toll Free(800 & 1800 Number): To ask for the instant and get free of charge support, call at 0800-051-6736 .
Answered Queries: BlockChain has offered helpful answers for multiple questions regarding the stellar, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, USD PAX, and other crypto currency.
Service Hours: 24/7
Mailing Address (Corporate Office): Blockchain Luxembourg S.A.; 4eme etage a L-2340; Luxembourg 1, rue Philippe II
Driving Directions: Customers can find out the driving directions from their residing area to BlockChain.
BlockChain Multiple Locations Near You: You can get multiple locations of BlockChain in your nearer place.
Technical Support: To ask for the technical support from BlockChain call at 0800-051-6736 .
How To Pay: For the payment queries or questions, dial 0800-051-6736 .

Dialing Tips

How to Dial: Customers can dial 0800-051-6736 from their handsets or landline in order to get support regarding the Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, wallet, lockbox, etc.

Customer Email Support

Send an email to BlockChain at or for the support or terms and conditions. To set alerts or notifications of Blockchain, register or email at For the press or media related questions, email at

Wallet App

App Help: Customers can create their wallet at BlockChain for making transactions, payments, selling, buying, and many other services. To enjoy the above services, customers should have an Android or Smartphone to use.
How to Download: Customers can download the BlockChain Wallet App from the Google Play store and APP Store .
Functions: App can be used for sending and receiving, selling, purchasing, exchanging, security, etc.

Account Login

Account Login (Sign In): Customers can login or sign in into their BlockChain account for sending or receiving transactions, selling or purchasing bitcoins, etc through the given link page.
Mobile (App) Login: Customers can use their Smartphone or Android phone in order to login or enroll their BlockChain accounts.
Account Sign Up Or Registration: To enroll an account at BlockChain, customers have to fill all essential credentials of the given registration form.
For Login Support: To ask for the support regarding Wallet ID, forgot password, and lost 2FA device, you have to go through the help center page and click on the remind option.
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