Citibank Online: Malaysia, USA, Credit Card Activation, Chat, ABA, Phone Numbers For Customer Service

Citibank Online Customer Service Support

Phone Number: +1-800-374-9700
Citibank Online is a financial service offered by the CitiBank. Citibank operates its financial services as a consumer division under the profile of Citigroup. The bank started to serve customers in 1812 from the City Bank of New York. The bank was later named as First National City Bank of New York. The customers can contact the banking corporation for personal loans, debit cards, insurance, credit cards, commercial loans, mortgages and lines of credit.
Email Support Page: Customers can also send their suggestions and messages to Citibank via email. Customers can send emails regarding banking, Citibank cards, and Mortgage. Customers can send their emails to Citibank by just visiting the Citibank online website-'Contact Us' option.
'Contact Us' Page Support: Customers can contact the Citibank online via their website also. Customers have to log in to Citibank web portal. The main page of the website will give the option to 'Contact Us’. Customers have to click on that link. After clicking, The customer will be given support options like 'Chat With Us', 'Visit Us', 'Give Us A Call', and 'Connect by Email'. Now a customer has to opt for his own mode of support. Customers can chat live regarding their queries with the Citibank agents once they click on the Chat option. Customers can also book appointments with the Citibank after Clicking on the 'Visit Us'option. Customers can also get information about various locations of branches via the 'Visit Us' link. For more information. Customers can follow the Contact Us link page.
Live Chat: No special number is given for chat.Customers can contact the Citibank Online through chat by pinging on the Link
Citibank Online Feedback Support: Customers can also send their feedback to the company by visiting the main website.For sending their feedbacks to Citibank, Customers can also visit the Link
Citibank Online 'ASK ME' Option Support: Customers can ask their queries to Citibank online customer service representatives. For instant reply, The Citibank online has provided the option of a virtual assistant on their website. Customers can apply for this option by visiting the Citibank website main page. Thereafter they have to click on the 'Customer Service' link to proceed.
Login: You can log in to your account by entering your username and password in account management page.

Citibank Online Customer Service Numbers

Philippines +63 2 894 7039

The Organization hasn't provided any specific number for Malaysia, US. Customers can visit the Citibank online website for more information.

Credit Card Activation +1860 210 2484

USA +1860 210 2484

Philippines +(632) 708-7087

Malaysia 03-2383 0000 (KL)

ABA Call on:322271724 (or321171184 for wire transfers)

Singapore (65) 6225 5225
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