Comenity Express: Phone Number & Customer Service For Bank Credit Card Login & Online Payment

Comenity Bank Express

Phone number: You can call at +1-800-675-5685 for assistance regarding the general financial service based questions and card queries.
Comenity Bank Express is a financial service provider that issues reward, credit, and gift cards to the grocery stores, furniture depots, and many more. Customers can contact the bank for financial resource and rewarding programs through the contact us form or can call at +1-800-675-5685

How To Contact Comenity Express Customer Service Support Department?

Text Message/Contact Us: Send a text message to Comenity Express regarding the card benefits, rewards, and balance inquiries at contact us page.
Main Helpline: Dial +1-800-201-4955 to contact Comenity Next Express about the balance, credit limits, and activation purposes.
Email Service Support: Forward your general suggestions and feedback to Comenity Express through the contact or email us form or can put forth at
Live Chat: Comenity Express does not provide live chat support. To ask for the quick assistance regarding the card, call at +1-800-201-4955
Toll Free(800 & 1800 Number): Call at +1-800-675-5685 in order to avail assistance from the bank regarding the payments and credit increase.
Answered Queries: Comenity Express has provided solution for multiple queries like account registration, frauds, card agreements, and accessibility support.
Service Hours: Monday To Saturday 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM (EST) & Sundays: Off
Mailing Address(Corporate Office): Comenity Bank, PO Box 182273 Columbus, OH 43218-2273
Driving Directions: Follow the given driving directions route from your place to Comenity Express.
Comenity Express Multiple Locations Near You: You can get multiple locations of Comenity Express in your nearer place.
Technical Support: You can ask for the technical assistance from Comenity Express regarding the credit cards by calling at +1-800-201-4955
Zip Code of Comenity Express: the zip code of the bank is 43218.
How To Locate Online Store Near You: Customers can locate the nearby stores where they can use the Next Express Credit Card through the locator link.

How To Login Credit Card Account?

There are two login portals for the credit card account. Customers have to follow the given portals.
Account Login: Registered members can login into their account for checking balance, review bills and payments statements.
Enrollment Portal: Customers can register or enroll their accounts at Comenity Bank in order to use credit card for online purchases, orders, bill payments, and other stores services. Customers can find helpful answers of account registration at the help page.

How To Pay Next Credit Card Bill? (Online Payment)

To make online payments of your Next Credit Card bills, you have to sign in your account. You can pay your Next Credit Card bills via phone by calling at +1-800-201-4955 . For disabled customers (TDD/TTY), dial +1-800-695-1788 in order to make payments. To get replied answers of payment based queries, follow the FAQ page.

Columbus Ohio Mailing Address

The main corporate office of the Comenity Bank is located in Columbus at Comenity Bank, PO Box 182273, Columbus, OH 43218-2273. The customers can reach out to the office of bank by calling at +1-800-675-5685 . The customers can contact the bank for the financial and credit card services.
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