Covidien: Mansfield MA, UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Medtronic Phone Numbers For Customer Service

Phone Number and Other Contact Details of Covidien

Phone Number: You can call at +1800-633-8766 to contact the support department of Covidien.
Contact Us: Send your queries by filling the email form available on contact us page.
Worldwide: +1 763 514 4000
Mailing Address: 710 Medtronic Parkway, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55432-5604, USA.
Mansfield MA: The office of Covidien is located at 15 Hampshire Street, Mansfield, MA 02048. You can call at +508) 261-8000 to contact them.
Locations: You can find a list of Covidien office locations by visiting the locations page available on officail site.

General Instructions About The Use of Covidien Kangaroo Epump

  • You need to press power on the right-hand corner of control panel
  • Open blue door and set loading area
  • Insert finger tab on valve into front pocket
  • Please ensure the valve is fully seated in the pocket and close the door
  • You need to read display status line as "Set Loaded"
  • Top starting volume of formula should be 6 inches above the pump
  • If you need automatically to prime the pump "Press Prime pump" and auto pump respectively for feel and flush sets
  • Press "Prime Pump" if you want to control directly pump priming and then press "Hold To Prime Button" to hold it. Remember to press "HOLD TO PRIME FLUSH" If a Feed & Flush Set is used, unless and until the flushing fluid has reached the valve after then you need to press HOLD TO PRIME FEED" until the feeding fluid has reached to the distal end connector.
  • To set the feeding parameters use buttons on the left side of the LCD screen. Flushing parameter should be set if the feed and flush set is loaded. Feed mode selection lies under "MORE" options menu for continuous or vice versa feed mode
  • When it is ready to start press "RUN" the screen will load "RUNNING"
  • If you want to stop press "HOLD"

  • Covidien Customer Service Numbers

    For Covidien Canada +1-800-962-9888

    For Covidien Australia +1800 668 670

    Covidien Medtronic Number +1 763 514 4000

    For Covidien Suture +888.416.2409

    Essential Phone Numbers Of Covidien

    +39 0535 617311

    Covidien Plainfield +(317) 839-7611

    Number Of Covidien Gananoque +1 613-382-4733

    Call Covidien Tullamore +353 57 932 7200

    Covidien Mansfield Ma +1 508-261-8000

    Covidien UK +1-800-962-9888.

    Covidien USA +1-800-448-3644

    Covidien Worldwide Number (+61) 2 9857 9000

    Covidien Phillipiens Inc Number +63 917 527 0212
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