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Phone: +1-202-622-2000
Department Of Treasury Kansas City is a government agency that is responsible for the collection of taxes and revenue. The department is also authorized to regulate federal currency, government accounts, and public debt. The presented number is given to seek help regarding tax filing, documents, revenue services, and other facilities.
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How The Federal Govt Receives Revenue?

It receives money from many sources to fund its operations. The major source of revenue comes from individual income taxes. Other revenue which they receive through social insurance taxes and contributions, trust funds, excise taxes, estate taxes, gift taxes, and customs duties. The Government also receives earnings which it earns from lending to financial institutions, fees for permits, fees for regulatory and judicial services and fees from gifts and contributions.

Budget Information: Office of the Mangement and Budget reveals information on the budget, it is not part of the U.S. Department of the Treasury provides data on budget receipts, surpluses or deficits, outlays, Federal debt and employment over the period of time.

Department Of Treasury Kansas City Phone Numbers
For Kansa City MO
+1 816-414-2000

MO Facsimile Number
+1 (202) 622-6415 (FAX)

Internal Revenue Service
+1 800-829-1040
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