Privacy Policy of BirdBru

We, at are serious about the privacy of users while serving the genuine information. We strive to make users online searching experience secure. Security of users’ information is our primary priority. We assure users' secure searching as our web portal runs over hyper text transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) system that keeps communication between user and our website encrypted. We the do not ask users to share any kind of personal information with us. A user has to provide some basic contact details while posting feedback or comment on any of our webpage. We do not share or use the contact information of users for commercial or any other purposes. The information we collect from users is used only to serve best. Using information of a user for online marketing or promotion is against of our privacy policy.
To, ensure the utmost security of users data we collect some automatic information by using cookies of the web browser or mobile devices. The automatic information we collect from user is used only for technical purposes and is kept confidential. IP address, cookies and device trackers that we use help us to serve better and encourage us to provide users the most relevant information that they are looking for. We the do not save or keep record of users’ personal data assuring no misuse of information at any point of time.
Information retrieved from cookies is also used by the third party sources integrated with our service. But, the third party source is also guided by the terms of our privacy policy and assures no compromise on privacy of a user.
For, any question or queries related to our privacy policy please feel free to contact us via our "Contact us" Page.

Third Party ad Networks

You have to agree and accept that third party ad networks that are serving ads on That may be reading and placing cookies on your browsers, or using web beacons to collect information as a result of ad serving.