Terms and Conditions of BirdBru.Com

We at “birdbru.com” allow users’ to collect information about various business and services with some mandatory terms and conditions. The “terms of use” are beneficial for both the user and for our website. The primary terms and conditions for using our website are as follows:
1. A use can use our webpage for information purpose only. We do not provide services for any commercial purposes.
2. Copying of content from any of our webpage will be considered as offense and the offender will be dealt according to the copy right laws.
3. It is not permissible to post any kind of information or content on our webpage without our prior consent.
4. We strictly discourage promoting or posting of any kind of propaganda or hatred information regarding any business or service.
5. We do not allow any user to link any kind of business or information with our website for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
6. The information available on our website is subject to change or update time to time.
7. The contact details given about any business or service on our WebPages may or may not be accurate.
8. We are not bound to provide any kind of technical or non-technical assistance as our concern is only to provide information to users.
9. We the “birdbru.com” are not responsible to answer queries and questions of user. To respond to queries of customers are up to the concerning business or service.
10. The concerning business or service may or may not revert to queries of users’.
11. We hold the authority to remove any kind of information from our WebPages and users do not have any right about it.
12. Comments or feedback posts of a user will be available for public thus, we discourse abusive, harass, threatening comments.
Additionally, we use cookies from the users’ browser or mobile devices to serve better. The information collected form cookies is also used for technical purposes.

Our Website is not intended for use by people under eighteen (18) years of age. If you are under 18, please do not send any information to us. By accessing Website or using our services, you represent that you are 18 years of age or older.