Great Escape: Hours, Lodge, Resort, Theater, Massillon, Moline, Wilder, Phone Numbers For Customer Service

Phone Number and Other Contact Details of Great Escape

Phone Number: Youn can call at +1(518) 792-3500 to contact Great Escape.
Mailing Address: The Great Escape, Rebecca Wood, Resort President, Route 9, P.O. Box 511, Lake George, NY 12845.
Benefits of Having A Membership
There are various benefits to having a membership in Greet Escape some of the benefits are listed below.
  • 1: Those who are the members can get a preferred parking.
  • 2: They can get the unlimited soft drinks.
  • 3: Members can get 50% off everything they purchase in the park.
  • 4: Seasonal pass don't get any of these benefits.

Lost And Found Services

If any customer has lost anything and the park members have found it they will keep it in the guest service room. For the lost items customer has to fill out the form "Report a lost item" the link for the same has been given in the link it will directly redirect you to the form submission page. Please Click Here

Park Operating Schedule Hours

All the customers who are going to visit the park they are requested to check the operating hours when they are planning to leave the home or the morning of the day you to going to visit. Because the park hours are subject to change every day. please click on the link for the park operating hours. Please Click Here

Common Queries and Solutions

How to Get Know About The Park Assistance?
To get the assistance about the park information and with anything at all please go to the website and then click on contact us page Or you can contact on the given number that is (518) 792-3500
Are Free Tickets are Available for Friends in Great Escape?
Yes, Any person who has a pass can bring their friend with them on the selected days.
What Benefits Does Gold Pass Provide in Great Escape?
Any customer who has the Golden pass can enjoy a VIP entry in the park, gets free parking and can bring a friend free ticket.

Great Escape Customer Service Convienence Numbers

General Customer Support Number +(518) 792-3500

For Lodge +1 518-824-6000

For Resort +085549 92350

For Theater +1 (865) 922-1123

For Massillon +1 844-462-7342

For Moline +1 844-462-7342

For Wilder +1 844-462-7342

For Davenport +1 563-359-1488

For Virar +085549 92350

For Queensbury +1 518-824-6000

For Lake George +1 518-824-6000

For Clarksville TN +1 844-462-7342

For Water Park +085549 92350

For Shelbyville Ky +1 844-462-7342

For Wilder Ky +1 844-462-7342

For Nitro Wv +1 844-462-7342

For Peoria Illinois +1 309-691-7665

For Movie Theater +(844) 462-7342

For Six Flages Great Escape +1 518-824-6000

For Human Resource +1 518-792-3500

For Bedford Indiana +844.462.7342

For Bridgwater +44 1278 238978

For Bowling Green ky +(844)462-7342

For Clarksville Indiana +1 844-462-7342

For Clarksville In +1 844-462-7342

For Dickson City +1 844-462-7342

For Harrisburg East Mall +1 844-462-7342

For Fenton Mo +(636) 326-6986.

For Guest Relations +(518) 792-3500

For Cafe Christchurch Hospital +64 3 960 6467
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