Kentucky Farm Bureau: Insurance, Claims, Roadside Assistance, Corporate Office Phone Numbers For Customer Service

Contact Kentucky Farm Bureau insurance

Phone: 1-800-206-6887
The toll-free number is meant to avail assistance regarding various insuarnce plans, claims, benefits and etc.
Service Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST and Friday 8:00am to 12:00pm EST
Claims: To claim for insurance benefits, call at +1 502-456-1664
Contact Us: Visit the contact us channel to seek all needed assistance.

Report a Claim

The customer of the company can file a claim for different option available in the company but the customer has to take some important information so that the report can be made successfully. So, following are some important information what customer should take in consideration before claiming.
  • The accurate date of the loss accrued.
  • The customer has to mention the location of the loss.
  • Number of vehicles/property/people who are involved in it.
  • The customer has to give a brief description of the incident what happened there.
  • Personal data of that person who are involved like Names, addresses and phone numbers.
  • The customer has to give brief decryption of the damage accrue and also about the injuries.
  • The number of police report.
  • If there was any witness the customer provide their personal information too.

Track Claim Report

Once a person reports a claim with proper and relevant information then it is forwarded to the regional claims office nearest the applicant. After your claim has been assigned, then a representative of the company will contact the person who filed the claim and will help him in getting his claim resolved after the proper examination quickly and effectively.

Phone Numbers of Kentucky Farm Bureau


(502) 456-1664

Roadside Assistance

Louisville Ky
(502) 495-5000

Pikeville Ky
(606) 437-9606

Location & servicesNumbers
Mutual Insurance1-800-206-6887
Corporate Office1-800-206-6887
24 Hour Assistance1-800-206-6887
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