LegalShield: Membership, Identity Theft Phone Numbers For Customer Service

Phone Number and Other Contact Details of LegalShield

Phone Number: You can call at 1 (800) 654-7757 to contact LegalShield customer support department.
Email Support: Send your queries regarding member services at For sales related queries, you can email at
Mailing Address: LegalShield, One Pre-Paid Way, Ada ,OK 74820.
Contact Us: From contact us page, you can find additional contact details of LegalShield.
Cancel Your Membership at LegalShield To cancel your membership you need to send the written notice to legal shield and you have to be sure to include your membership number and the personal information via e-mail support to or you can send the written notice to the head office of the legal shield. Please remember your membership remains active until they receive the notice.
Live Chat:For the live question answer please go to the website in the bottom right corner of the page you will find "ASK ERIN" click on that and start your conversation.

Pay For The Membership

The customers can pay for their membership by the following ways.
  • 1: Customers can pay through the monthly bank draft.
  • 2: Customers can pay through the Annual bank draft.
  • 3: Customers can pay through Monthly credit card.
  • 4: Customers can pay through the Annual Credit card.

Common Queries and Answers

Is LegalShield A MLM?Yes, LegalShield is an American company that works on legal service products as a part of an MLM business Model. The legal shield is the oldest MLM business in the United States.
What is A Legal Shield?A Legal shield is providing legal service plans to North America. The customers can access legal guidance and counsel from qualified lawyers.
What are The Charges for The Legal Service Plan?
legal service charges vary depending upon the plan you select. If you want to get more information regarding the service plan please feel free to call at 1-800-654-7757.
How to Search for an Associate? Customers can search for the Associate by clicking on the link that is given and it will automatically redirect you to the "Associate finder page".Please Click Here

LegalShield Customer Servconvenienceence Numbers

General Customer Service Associate Number +1-800-654-7757

For Associate +1-800-654-7757

For Identity Theft +888-494-8519

For Customer Service Hours 7 am – 7 pm CST Monday-Friday.

For Law Firm +1-877-825-3797

For Primerica +1-800-654-7757

For Legal Shield Arizona +1-800-654-7757

For Hawaii +1 808-497-4611

For Oklahoma +1 405-312-4964

For Canada +1-800-654-7757

For Texas +1-800-654-7757

For NJ +1 201-855-9892

For MerrittWebb +1 803-765-1150

For Legal Shield Main +1-800-654-7757

For Membership Services +1-800-654-7757

For Florida +1 727-254-0727

For DuncanOk +1 800-654-7757

For Ada Ok +1 800-654-7757

For Human Resourse +1-800-654-7757

For Head Office +1-800-654-7757

For Head Quaters +1-800-654-7757

For Colorado +1 719-651-6130

For Corporation +1-800-654-7757

For Emergency +1-877-825-3797

For Cancellation +800-654-775

For Namibia +264 (61) 275 4114
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