Mediacom Internet: Phone Number & Customer Service For Outage, Technical Support & Bill Pay

Mediacom Internet

Phone: You can call at +(877)-203-0630 for assistance regarding internet service, outage, billings, etc.
Mediacom is a leading internet provider in the United States headquartered at 1 Mediacom Way Mediacom Park New York, NY 10918 United States. The Company offers the fastest internet at multiple locations in the United States like Albany Georgia, Huntsville Alabama, New York, Arizona, etc.
Mediacom provides internet services to residential and commercial customers. It offers internet service using fiber optic technology at the rate of 10 Gigabit and more. The small or large scale business owners can contact the customer service executive of Mediacom Internet for communication services at +(877)-203-0630.

How To Contact Mediacom Internet Customer Service Support Department?

Text Message: Send a text message to Mediacom regarding television services, internet, home security, mobile plans, billing, etc. at contact us page.
Email Service Support: Send an email to Mediacom at for general information regarding services, products, branches, office locations, Internet, etc.
Live Chat: Mediacom has provided live chat assistance.
Answer Center: Mediacom has provided solution for multiple queries like high speed internet, digital services, and phone services.
Service Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
Mailing Address(Corporate Office): 1 Mediacom Way Mediacom Park New York, NY 10918 United States.
Driving Directions: You can see driving directions of Mediacom corporate office.
How to Locate Online Office near Me : Enter the zip code to find the nearby office of Mediacom communication.

Bill Payment Methods

There are multiple options that a customer of Mediacom communication can use to make bill payment. Following are some steps which can be used to make bill payment:
  • Online: To make online bill payment using Mediacom ID or e-Billing ID by visiting the mentioned link.
  • Pay By Phone: Call at +1-844-274-6753 to speak with the Mediacom customer service department for bill payment.
  • Pay By Mail: Send your bill payment to Mediacom at Mediacom, P.O. Box 5744, Carol Stream, IL 60197-5744.

Internet Outage

Mediacom has a technical support team which works for the outage problems so that the customers will use internet service without any outage. If any time you are facing internet outage at your home or business location you are requested to follow the mentioned steps:
Check Outage in Your Area: The first thing to check outage in your area is to login to your account. Click on "Dashboard" and then go to "Outage" area of the page and check outage status.
What to Do If i Still Face Outage Problem: If outage page shows there is no outage in your area, please make a call at +1-855-633-4226 to speak with the customer service advisor.
If the customer service advisor is unable to troubleshoot your internet outage then, make a request for a technical team to visit your home or office by calling on the above-mentioned number.

Technical Support

Phone Number: Mediacom technical support team for internet services is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you need any assistance regarding internet services, billing, common concerns, etc., please make a call at +1-877-387-8087.
Live Chat: The customer can avail the assistance regarding Mediacom Internet services through live chat.
Support Center: For any additional support regarding internet outages, phone services, TV, billing, etc, please go through support center page.

Multiple Login Options

Mediacom has provided multiple login options for the convenience of its customers. Use the follow methods to access all internet service accounts:
Webmail Login: For webmail login, please follow the mentioned link, enter the user ID and password.
My Mediacom Account Login: Follow the given link and enter the username and password to login to MY Mediacom Account.
Payment Login: To make online bill payment using Mediacom ID or e-Billing ID, please visit the mentioned link.
Usage Login By Email ID: Follow the mentioned link for Usage login .
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