Microsoft Office: Activation, 365 Tech Support, Billing, Near Me, Australia, UK, Canada Phone Numbers For Customer Service

Microsoft Office Phone Number

Phone Number: +1 (800) 642 7676
Microsoft Office is the latest version and product offered by the Microsoft Company and is also known by Microsoft Office 365. It is used as the documentation software that customers use in different operational fields including e-commerce, business, scholars, and banking institutions in order to maintain the records. The company also renders Microsoft Office 365 Outlook that is used by the customers for email purposes. The software is also featured with the calendar, contact manager, task manager, note, and web browsing. For the further information of the Microsoft Office, call at the mentioned number.

How to Contact Microsoft 365 Office Customer Service Technical Support Department

  • By Contact Form: You can send your questions and queries online to Microsoft by using a simple form. You can select any Microsoft service or product and select the issue type or query type that you want support with and submit this Form.
  • Using General Helpline: You can also directly call at the contact number mentioned above for general service or corporate office and they will redirect you to any number from where you will get desired information.
  • Live Chat Support: Live Chat service can be accessed online through the "virtual agent" on their website. Open the virtual agent in the browser and type in Talk to a Person. It will prompt you to select a product and type of issue or service. You will be then connected to a live member and you can chat with them.
  • Email Support: You can reach Microsoft on their general email address i.e. Also, you can use the contact form to send them queries and get answers online.
  • Near Me / Locations: To locate nearby offices of Microsoft 365, follow the provided link page.
  • 365 Technical Support: To ask for the support regarding your technical issues and queries, call at the mentioned toll-free number +1 800 865 9408

Activation Centers in USA, UK, Canada, & Australia

Phone: (888) 352 7140 / (716) 871 2781
Microsoft Office 365 operates its activation centers across the globe. The customers from the globe can contact the activation and license centers via the mentioned numbers. The activation center helps customers to get quick support regarding the activation issues of their Microsoft Versions. To get instant help, call at the given numbers.
  • United Kingdom: (44) (203) 147 4930 / (0) (800) 018 8354
  • Canada: (716) 871 2781 / (888) 352 7140
  • Australia: (61) (2) 9870 2131 / 1800 642 008

Billing Support
Phone: +1 (800) 642 7676
Microsoft Office offers a separate support department for billing and payments. The company renders account facilities for the customers that use Microsoft Office 365. To discuss your billing and payment issues, call the customer service representative of Microsoft Office at the provided number. You can also check your billing orders through the mentioned link page

What is Microsoft Office Click-to-Run Service?

  • Click-to-run is a new type of installation service and mechanism that is basically targeted for broadband customers. This type of installation uses Microsoft Virtualization and streaming technologies to deliver Microsoft Office to the target machine.
  • This technology is similar to video streaming i.e we can use Office applications while it is being downloaded to the computer in the background. Also, the Click-to-Run version is stored in a virtual environment on the computer and is separated from the file system thus making it possible to have to separate versions of Office co-exist on the same machine.

What is Microsoft Office Suite?

  • It is a package of tools that are often used for productivity related tasks. It contains a word processor, presentation making application, spreadsheet software, database management system etc.
  • With more and more development and over time, more tools have been added in this suite. You can either purchase a license to use this suite for a month or a year. Or you can even buy a lifetime subscription to a single suite to be used on a single machine. The newer Office 365 is cloud-based and can be accessed anywhere using customized browser software.

Microsoft Office Phone Numbers

Service and ProductContact Number
365+1(800) 642 7676
Home and Student+1(800) 642 7676
Billing+1(800) 642 7676
Word+1(800) 642 7676

(65) 6324 8098

00 800 2468 1668

Theater Box Office
+1 213-763-6030

Corporate Office(Redmond Washington)
+1 425-882-8080

+972 8000 2000 132

Washington DC
+1 202-263-5900

1850 940 940
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