P And O Cruises: Free, Emergency, Australia, UK, 2018 Phone Numbers For Customer Service

What is The Way to Call Friends and Family on Board?

The passengers on board can easily call the friends and family using mobile due to the fact that the cruise offers best mobile services to its passengers so that they can make a call anytime to their loved ones. Another feasible method of reaching family and friends is to drop an email. This can be done using passengers own mobile or laptop as the ship offers Wi-Fi Services too. In case, the passenger does not have a laptop or Tablet along with them, they simply can use a computer from the internet center of the ship on board.

Does P and O Cruises Offer Drink Packages
Yes, the cruise offers different package list for the variety of drinks. The drinks list includes Soft drinks, Costa coffee, wine, American Latte, Cappuccino, etc.

Does Cruise Offer Facility for Children's Too?
Yes, onboard the children get lots of wonderful facilities such as clubs, Playrooms, beverages, Tea, and so on. The "Reef" is a specific program designed for the kids who fall within the age group of Two to Seventeen and is free of charge.

Is There A Separate Dining Facility for The Kids?
No, Kids can dine at any dining place on a cruise. Kids are treated with only Snacks in playrooms, however, they can take meals at the dining places.

P and O Cruises Phone Number
Toll Free Number
00 44 23 8065 7064

P And Cruises UK Number
+44 843 374 0111

P And O Cruises Australia
00 61 2 9432 8500

P And O Cruises 2018 Telephone
0345 355 5111

Emergency contact number
0345 355 5111

P And O Cruises Peninsular

P And O Cruises Booking Number
0345 355 5111

NZ ( New Zealand )
0345 355 5111
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