Pennyslvania Income Tax: Tool Free, PA, Refund, Personal, Head Office, UK, NYC Phone Numbers For Customer Service

Contact Pennsylvania Income Tax

Phone Number: 1-888-(728-2937)
Pennsylvania Income Tax is a government based department that is responsible for maintaining the record of taxpayers and also involved with the tax collection operations. The department operates its duties and services online as well as on the counter for the convenience of the taxpayers. The main services that have 24/7 access via online including the payment of personal taxes, business taxes, software and forms, and appeals of taxes.

Check The Status Of Your Refund

To check the status of your refund you can use of the following ways.
  • 1: Customer can check online by visiting the website "" Then click on "where is my Refund" Any person will get the online status of their refund by entering the "social security number" and the amount of your refund.
  • 2: Customers can call the taxpayer Service & Information Center at 717-787-8201, between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
  • 3: By calling on of their district offices. the link for calling the district offices is given. Please click Here

How Many Weeks Does It Take To Receive Your Refund?

If anyone has filled it electronically or online it would take approximately 4 weeks to process your tax return. And if any person has filled with the paper PA-40 it takes approximately 8 to 10 weeks to process. However, if there is any missing report in any filled complaint it would then take much longer.

Online Application For The Wholesale Certificate

The quickest and easy way to get the application is the submission by online at If anyone has not submitted the correct details they will get the email confirmation that you have submitted wrong information. Similarly for those who have completed the form correctly will get the license certificate within 10 business days.

Pennsylvania Income Tax Customer Service Convience Numbers

General Toll Free Costomer Service Department Number +1-800-222-2046

For PA Income tax +717-787-8201.

For PA Income Tax Refund +717-787-8201.

For Personal Income Tax +1 717-787-8117

For PA State Income Tax Head Office +1 717-787-8117

For Return +1 717-787-8117

For The UK +1-888-7282937

For Ireland +717-787-8201

For Singapore +(717) 787-8327

For Malaysia +(717) 783-8104.

For State Income Tax +717-787-1064

For New York +1 717-787-8201

For Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program +1-888-222-9190

For Business Taxes And Corporation Tax +717-787-1064

For Department Of Revenue +1-888-222-9190

For Harrisburg +1 717-787-8117
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