Thames Water: Address, Emergency, Leak, Head Office Phone Numbers For Customer Service

Contact Thames Water Customer Service Department

Phone Number: 0800 980 8800
Contact Us Page: You can avail the customer service support via the contact us page.
Email Support:
For general customer queries:
For build over and developer services:
You can also submit general and other queries via email form to get support information and service via email. If your query is general in nature, they will reply back to you with support information in 5 working days. For other queries, it takes almost 10 days to get a reply from them. Open this link to access the support form. Select the subject type and enter your credentials like name and contact details and email. Then enter your questions or message in the "Message Box" and click "Submit" to send the form details.
Live Chat Support: You can also use the Live Chat feature to talk to their representative online and get real-time answers to your queries. This feature, however, is available for Monday to Friday from 08.00 AM to 08.00 PM BST and on Saturday from 08.00 AM - 06.00 PM BST. To access live chat, click this link.
Address: Clearwater Court, Vastern Road, Reading RG1 8DB.

Thames Water Phone Numbers

General Information
0800 980 8800 (24 hour helpline).

Head Office
+44 800 316 9800

For Service In London
0800 980 8800

For Billing and Complaints Services, Utilities and Service in Swindon (Kembrey Park)
There is no information about a separate number available for these services and places. You can use the general services number to get any information. 0800 980 8800

For Reading UK
+44 800 316 9800

For Home Services
+18001 0330 0247 002

International(Abroad) Contact Number
+44 800 980 8800

For Reporting Leaks
0800 714 614 (24 hours).

Contact For Emergencies, Blockages(Sewage, Drains), Business(Commercial)
0800 316 9800

For Developer(Build Over) Services
0800 009 3921

Number For Kidlington Oxford
+44 843 837 0197

For Greenwich Pumping Station
+44 843 507 2075

For Kempton
07747 640 361
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