Uber Accounts: Disabled, Corporate(Business), Bank, Multiple, For Sale & Account Payable Phone Number

Uber Disabled Accounts

Why Uber Deactivate Any Account?
There are multiple reasons due which Uber deactivate accounts of its customers. All the possible reasons are mentioned below:
  • Due to higher cancellation rate of trips.
  • Fraud and violation of Uber terms and conditions.
  • Wrong account details.
  • Multiple times logged on.
  • Using same bank accounts for claims in multiple accounts.
  • Same email for multiple accounts.

How to Reactivate Disabled Accounts?
  • If your account has been deactivated due to fraud and violation there is less chance to activate these accounts.
  • To activate account, give the solid reasons of account deactivation to customer service by email at support@uber.com
  • Use the friends account to sign up by visiting the Uber website.
  • After signing up, download the Uber App by using the same friends mobile number.
  • After confirming the OTP, please tap on forgot password and change the password through a link sent to your email address.
  • Now open the app and login to your account using the valid username and password.

Uber Corporate(Business) Accounts

Uber offers corporate accounts for different businesses like schools, hotels, small businesses, retail law firms, corporations, travel accounts, etc. In order to create your corporate account, please follow these steps:
  1. How to Enroll
    • First, visit the Uber business page.
    • Click on Enroll to get started and use your current Uber rider account to create an account.
    • If you are new to Uber you need to verify email address and phone number to get enrolled..
  2. Add Payment Details:
    • This detail must be a corporate credit or cheque card.
    • The validation charge for card is $250USD (approx. $320AUD).
  3. Add Individual Employees: If you want your employees to have access in Uber business simply add the name and email address of employees.

How to Add Bank Details of Uber Account?
Follow the mentioned steps to add or update your bank account details:
  • Go to vault.uber.com and enter your login details.
  • At the top of pop up page, you will get four categories like Payment Statements, Invoices, Partner Invoices & Banking. Please select Banking.
  • To add bak details click "ADD" and proceed to fill the form.
  • To edit the details, click opn "EDIT" and update your details on the form.

Multiple Accounts
Uber allows you to create only two accounts on a single device. Customers exceeding the account limit will get a error message from Uber. To know more about the number of accounts you can create on a same device, please speak with the customer service advisor of Uber at +(800) 353-8237.

Uber Accounts for Sale
Uber accounts are open to anyone, anytime and anywhere. The worldwide hackers are hacking the Uber accounts everyday selling and buying Uber account as little as $2.99. Dark internet is a place where these stolen Uber accounts are sold on low rates. In order to safe your account, you need to have a strong password.

Additional Support

Accounts Payable The suppliers on receiving the purchase order will send an invoice on the purchase order to accounts payable. Accounts Payable at Uber will pay the supplier in accordance with the purchase invoice payment terms.
Logged Off All The Uber Accounts: If you have logged in your Uber account on multiple devices and you want to log out from all devices, the best way is to reset password.
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