Uber Complaint Email: Email, Driver & Uber Eats Complaint Line Phone Number

Uber Complaint Email

Phone: You can call at +1-300-091-272 to make a Complaint about the Uber services.
Complaint By Email: Uber has provided a separate complaint department in the company where customer can address their issues and complaint against the services provided, complaint against the driver, complaint about Lost Items, etc. The company has provided emails to address for customers to their issues with the concerned department. The customer can email at customercomplaints@uber.com or support@uber.com about the complaint against the services rendered.
Complaint By Phone Call: The customer can also call at +1-300-091-272 to get information about the complaint procedure.

How To Contact Uber Complaint Email Customer Service Support Department?

Text Message/Contact Us: Send a text message to Uber Complaint email regarding the vehicle servicing, medical checkups, events, report filed, etc at contact us page.
Main Helpline: Call at +1 800-353-8237 to contact Uber Complaint Department about the driving locations, directions, billing issues, etc.
Email Service Support: Send an email to Uber Complaint Department at customercomplaints@uber.com about the Ride and Drive App complaints. You can also address your concerns, complaints and suggestions at support@uber.com.
Live Chat: Uber Complaint Email has provided live chat assistance regarding location issue, billing and drive issues.
Toll Free (800 & 1800 Number): You can call at +1 (800) 353-8237 for the support of rides and drives.
Answered Queries: Uber Complaint Email has provided solution for multiple questions like How can i request a ride?, Paying with cash, duplicate charge, etc
Mailing Address (Corporate Office): The corporate mailing address of Uber company is "555 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94105".
Driving Directions: The Customers can also use the driving directions to reach the corporate office of the Uber.
Technical Support: You can sort out your technical issues by attaining support from Uber Technical Support department at +1 (800) 353-8237
Uber Complaint Email Multiple Locations Near You: You can get multiple locations of Uber Complaint Email in your nearer place.
Zip Code of Uber Driver Denver: The zip code of the Uber corporate office which is located in Colorado is 80239.
Near You Locations: Customers can also visit location page to get information about the nearby offices in the concerned areas.
Help Desk Number: Call at +1 (800) 353-8237 in order to achieve the support regarding the Uber Complaint.
Emergency: Drivers can contact the Uber for all kind of emergencies by calling at +1 (800) 353-8237 .

How To File Uber Driver Complaint?

If you are a passenger, you can visit the official website of the company or the mobile application to file a report. You have to visit the ride history section of your account and choose the ride that you want to make a complaint for. You can file complain if driver made me feel unsafe, driver was rude, etc. You can also submit your complaint by submitting this online complaint form .

Uber Eats Complaint

In order to file a complaint regarding Uber eats products and services, the customer needs to signin to his account. The customer can click on the order placed in the order history and click on report. The customer can file report in the following conditions.
  • If the customer did not receive the order placed.
  • The customer received an incorrect items.
  • The Item ordered by the customer was missing from the food.
  • The customer can also call at +1-800-253-9377 to contact the support team and address his Uber eats service related issues.

Uber Complaint Line

The company has provided different contact lines to contact with the support team regarding your issues, complaints, suggestions, etc. following are the main contact lines provided by the company.
  • Phone Number: The customer can call at +1-800-353-8237 to address his issues.
  • The Rider Or Driver App: With the help of mobile application you can directly contact the support in the help section of your account.
  • Email Uber Support: You can also address you complaints by emailing at support@uber.com.
  • Uber Greenlight Hubs: The customer can visit the Uber Greenlight Hubs to get the in-person support from Uber employees.
  • Social Media: You can also use their official social media account Facebook and Twitter to address your issues.
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