USDA: Rural Development, National Finance, Rural Housing, Human Resources Phone Numbers For Customer Service

How Do I Contact USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)?

Phone Number: +1 (202) 720-2791
USDA stands for the United States Department of Agriculture that looks after the federal laws of forestry, food, farming, and many more agricultural services. The customers can contact the US federal department for claiming the rural farming, private and public forest and food safety issues by dialing the above number.
  • Via Contact Us Page: The customers can Contact the USDA Department by following the mentioned link page.
  • Via Customer Service Number: Follow the above -provided service number for all kind of agricultural support and forestry reports.
  • Support Via Live Chat Service: No live chat is available for the farmers.
  • Support Via Email Service: To get corporate support regarding the general inquiries, you have to put forth your requests at
  • Via FAQ: Customers can get Helpful Information and answers of common food questions through the given FAQ page
  • National Finance: Use this number 1-800-877-8339 to contact with the National Finance center.
  • Rural Housing: To get information about Rural Housing program and policies, you can contact at +1(800) 414-1226.
  • Human Resources: You can dial this number (202) 720-9113 to get in touch with human resources department of the company
  • Payment: For the payment of loan taken for the department, you can contact at 1-800-414-1226.
  • Miami Office: Use this number (305) 492-1800 to contact with Miami Office.

How To Get A USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Loan?

In order to get qualified for the USDA Home loan, the user should meet the mentioned requirements.
Step 1: The user should meet the set income Limits to avail the home loan facility
Step 2: The loan seeker must have the nationality of the United States.
Step 3: The User should have the essential property at the prime location.
Step 4: Must be eligible for paying debts on time.
Step 5: The concerned lender must be approved by USDA.
Step 6: The Loan aspirant must qualify the credit score of 620-640 or above.

NOTE As per the USDA guidelines 2017 the minimum income limit for the loan seeker is mentioned below.
$75,650 is set for the family with one to four members.
$99,850 for the family, five to eight members.

How To Get USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Certified?

The main requirements to qualify the USDA certification are as follows.
1. The applicant must be engaged in the production of organic livestock and crops such as a farmer.
2. The individual dealing with organic food processing including fibers feeds, and so on.
3. Individual who is operating / owner of the restaurant that sells only organic stuff.
4. The retailer who is engaged in selling the organic food items is also eligible for the USDC certification.
5. A user who is into the business of marketing of organic foodstuff.
6. The user that acts as the brand owner of the organic foodstuff development.

USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Customer Service Numbers

Rural Development Phone Number: +1-800-414-1226

Telephone Number For USDA Center: +1-800-414-1226

For Mortagage Services: +1-800-414-1226

Gus Contact Number: +1 (800) 414-1226

USDA Aphis Customer Support: +1 844-820-2234

FOR FNS Support: +1 703-305-2062

USDA-RD Phone Number: +1-800-414-1226 Contact Number: +1 (202) 720-2791

For Loan Related Queries: +1-800-414-1226

Rural Housing Phone Number: +1-800-414-1226

For Pet Travel: +1 844-820-2234

Forest Help Desk: +1-866-945-1354

USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Phone Numbers

For Washington, DC: +1 202-720-3935

USDA Texas: +1 254-742-9700

Florida: +1 352-732-7534

Miami: +1 305-492-1800

North Calorina: +1 919-873-2100

Indiana: +1 317-290-3100

os Angels: +1 310-955-3311

How To Become The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Food Inspector?

The main requirements for applying the position of the USDA Food inspector are mentioned below.
Step 1: The candidate must have completed the bachelor's degree in science, agriculture, maths, and other related fields.
Step 2: The applicant must have at least one year of experience in the same field.
Step 3: The applicant should be willing to work in tough working conditions.
Step 4: Candidate must be in the best health condition and should not have any sign of chronic or eye disease.
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