UWorld NCLEX Login Guidance: RN, PN, Step 3, Qbank, Scores, Pass Rate And Price Phone Number

UWorld NCLEX Login Guidance

Phone: You can Fax at (972) 887-3296 to seek assistance for UWorld question bank Login support, exam guide, mock test, etc.
Login Support: Nursing students can avail login support from the support center. Students can also register online to create an account and receive login details.
Service Hours: The support services are available from Monday-Friday 9AM to 6PM EST.
Mailing Address: Clients can also send support requests at the mailing address i.e. 9111 Cypress Waters Blvd, Suite 300 Dallas, TX 75019

RN And PN Login Support

NCLEX-RN Login: The question book empower nursing students to pass the licensing easily. The online platform provides access to more than 1100 questions of varied issues. Students can get access to question bank and prepare for examination. To avail support and get demo fo examination questions visit NCLEX-RN support center.
PN Login Support: The PN series of the platform allows to access test preparation, practice tests and assessments. Login through online account and prepare for examinations.

Scores, Pass Rate and Price

Scores and Pass Rate: UWORLD online platform help nursing students to clear license exams by providing expert guidance. The platform allows to access expected exam questions, explanation, in-depth discussions for varied study areas. The platform also allows to share scores and discuss pass rate with others at a community form . The community platform allows to discuss expected pass score and share experience with other.
Price: The online introductory software of UWORLD starts at $49 a month. Note rates are subject to change from time to time.

Step 3 and Qbank Login

Step 3 Login : The platform provides an examination software called as step3 Login . The software offers access to 1,500+ challenging questions, In-depth explanations and enables to track performance.
Step 2 Login Qbank: The step2 qbank Login contains information regarding 70+ high-yield clinical cases to prepare for practical examination. Information for patient counseling and physical examination.

RN Self Assessment simulation exam

The platform introduced self assessment examination software. The software contains 75 questions that "predicts" your chance of passing. The software allows to keep track of performance and also track improvements. You can avail more support regarding products of the platform by sending a support request via contact us forum.
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