Waste Management Arizona: Ohio, Minnesota, Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, Maricopa Phone Numbers For Customer Service

Contact Waste Management Arizona Customer Support Department

Phone Number: +1 (800) 796-9696
Waste Management Arizona is a well-established industry that offers fastest services across North America. The waste management company offers a wide array of services including the recycling disposals, collection, and renewable energy generation. To ask for the pickups and collection of renewable products, make use of the following contacting platforms of the company.
Contact Us: Send your your pickup requests and queries via Contact Us page.
Email Service Support: Put forth your recycling requests or complaints to Waste Management Arizona at csarizona@wm.com.
Via Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 06:00 AM - 05:00 PM and Saturday 08:00AM - 12:00PM

Common Queries and Its Solutions

How to Request for A New Service?
To request for a new service in waste management please click on the link and it will automatically redirect you to the service request page.PLease click Here

How To Find The Dumpster Products?

The best way to start a waste management products and services is to search with your current location on "Wm.com" Once they get known about your location they will provide you all information about the permanent dumpster products and services.
How to Find Your Customer Id?
Customer Id is a unique number in your invoice that is also used in referencing your WM account. You can find this number your invoice on the top right corner.
How to Make One Time Payments in Waste Management?
Customers can pay only one time once a year through the link given please click on that and it will automatically redirect you to the one-time payment page.Please Click Here.
How to Unlink Your Account on Waste Management?
To unlink your account please follow the given steps:
  • Step 1: login to your account on wm.com or if you don't have account signup then.
  • Ste[ 2:Go to the "My Account" option and click on "Manage Accounts"
  • Step 3: Click on remove and enter the customer Id of your account you want to remove.
  • Step 4: Press enter and confirm your details and then click on submit.

Waste Management Arizona Customer Service Department Numbers

General Customer Service Support Numbers +(800) 796-9696

For Ohio +(713) 512-6200

For Minnesota +(800) 796-9696

For Phoenix +(888) 275-1401

For Tucson +1 520-744-2600

For Maricopa AZ +1 866-909-4458

For Flagstaff +1 928-779-2950

For Kingman +1 928-718-4900

For Near Me +(800) 796-9696

For NW +1 866-909-4458

For New Zealand +0800 101010

For Nj +1 866-909-4458

For Nashville +1 866-909-4458

For Naples +1 602-225-0020

From Canada +(800) 796-9696

From Palmdale +1 661-947-7197

For Moorpark +1 805-522-9400

For Calabases (800) 675-1171

From Ny (713) 512-6200

From Northport +1 941-240-8050
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