WIC Michigan: Login, MD, Florida, Taxes, California, Ohio Phone Numbers For Customer Service

Phone Number and Other Contact Details of WIC Michigan

Phone Number: You can call at +517-373-3740 to contact WIC Michigan.
Mailing Address: 333 S. Grand Ave, P.O. Box 30195, Lansing, Michigan 48909.
Contact Us: From contact us page, you can find additional contact details of WIC Michigan.
Login: To manage your account, you can visit the login page and enter your login crediantials to access your account.
Eligible for WIC Benefits Pregnet,Breast feeding woman , Infants, children up to age 5, and Postpartum. To check the eligibility criteria for the WIC benefits please click on the given link Click Here

Requirement Of the WIC Program

The following requirements are compulsory for the WIC program. The WIC program is designed to serve certain categories of women, Infants, and Children.
  • 1: Nutrition Risk
  • 2: Income
  • 3: Residential
  • 4: Categorical

Income Requirements for WIC BenefitsTo be eligible for the WIC benefits, applicants must have the income level below or standard income level set by the state agency. For checking the guidelines of income level standard please click on the given link and download the guidebookClick Here To Download.

First Priority For WIC Benefits

vacancies are generally filled in WIC in order of the following priority levels:
  • 1: Pregnet Woman
  • 2: Breastfeeding Womans
  • 3: Infants upto 6 Months of age who has some serrious problems or whose mother participated in WIC.
  • 4: Children up to 5 who are at nutrational risk because of serious medical problems.
  • 5: Postpartam woman with any Nutrational risk.

Documents Needed For The Appointment At WIC

Applicants must bring the following documnets at the time of appointment.
  • 1: Proof of Income or Medical card.
  • 2: Identification proof (Birth certificate, DL,
  • 3: Proof of address.
  • 4: Proof of pregency, if available( for pregnet woman).
  • 5: Immunization record (for children)

Wic Michigan Customer Service Convenience Numbers

For Michigan, +1-800-942-1636,

For Nevada +1-800-863-8942

For Alabama +1-888-942-4673

For MD + 410-313-7510

For Maryland, +1-800-242-4942,

For Vermont, +1-800-649-4357

For Massachusetts, +1-800-942-1007

For Virginia, +1-888-942-3663.

For Minnesota +1-800-657-3942

For Florida +1-800-342-3556

For Taxes +1 (800) 942-3678

For California +1-888-942-9675

For North Carolina, +1-800-367-2229

For Ohio, +1-800-755-4769

For WIC Director. +(907) 465-3100

For VOC WIC +907-465-3100

For Wic Ypsilanti Michigan +1 734-544-6700

For WIC Program +517-335-8951.

For WIC Office +1 734-727-7156

For Arizona +1-800-252-5942

For Arkansas +1-800-462-0599

For New Mexico +1-866-867-3124

For New York +1-800-522-5006

For New Hampshire +1-800-942-4321

For The Chickasaw Nation 1-888-436-7255

For Hawaii 1-888-820-6425

For Iowa +1-800-532-1579

For Kentucky +1-800-462-6122

For Maine +1-800-437-9300

For Washington +1-800-841-1410
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