Xcel Colorado: Energy Denver, Pueblo, Outage, Sterling, Boulder, CO, USA Phone Numbers For Customer Service

Contact Xcel Energy Customer Service Department

Service Number: +1 800-895-1999
Text Message/Contact Us: Customers can contact the utility center for the new connections, stop services, and transfer lines.
Denver Mailing Address (Corporate Office): 1800 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80202
Email Address: To make inquiries of utility services, forward at inquire@xcelenergy.com.
Power Outage and Emergencies: To ask for the power outages and other emergencies , follow the given link page or call directly at +1 800-895-1999. You can also text your queries as type OUT to 98936for reporting an outage and type STAT to 98936 in order to check the status of the outage.
Pueblo Office: Visit the utility center of Xcel Energy at 615 West St, Pueblo, CO 81006

Change Name Or Address On My Xcel Energy Bill

If you want to change any detail or information on your Xcel Energy Colorado Account, you should call their Customer Service Number at +1 800-895-4999. The customer service representatives will help you to alter the details right over the phone. They will provide you with the best possible help step by step. But if you prefer to reach them via electronic mail, you can contact them at their email address at inquire@xcelenergy.com

Payment Options

Xcel Colorado or Xcel Energy offers many modes of payment for its consumers. The variety includes:
  • Online Payment via Online Account.
  • Pay by Phone.
  • Payment at the Business Center.
  • Payment via electronic mailing system.
  • Mobile Application.
  • Via Cards like MasterCards, Visa, Credit and Debit Cards.
From all of the above paying via 'Mobile App' is the easiest and the convenient way.

Find your Account Number

Account Number can be found in your E-mail's "Inbox" or in the "Spam Folder" or it can be in "Filter Folder". If the customer has submitted a new request for starting the service or for transferring it then it is obvious that the company always sends the confirmation mail when the customer's request is processed. If you are an existing customer, then you can find your account number on the top of your statement.

Xcel Colorado Phone Numbers

Customer Service Number (Boulder, CO, USA)
Phone: +1-800-895-4999

Xcel Energy Center
Phone: +1 651-265-4800

Denver, CO, USA
Phone: +1 303-571-7511

Pueblo, CO, USA
Phone: +1 800-895-4999

For Sterling Colorado, dial
Phone: +1 800-895-4999

For Billing And Payment (Pay Bill/Bill Pay)
Phone: +1-800-895-4999

To Report An Electric Outage
+1 800-895-1999

To Report An Gas Outage
+1 800-895-2999

Loveland, Colorado (CO)
+1 800-895-4999

Gas Emergency Number

Minneapolis, MN, USA (Business)
+1 612-330-5500

Eau Claire, WI, USA
+1 800-895-4999

Claims Department
+1 303.294.2311

Minot, ND, USA

Xcel Energy, Amarillo, TX
+1 (806) 378-2505

Contact For Fargo ND (MN)
+1 800.895.4999

Littlefield, TX, USA
+1 800-895-4999

Human Resource Department
+1 800-895-2999

Hobbs, NM, USA
+1 800-895-4999

La Crosse, WI, USA
+1 800-895-4999

Plainview, TX, USA
+1 806-291-4226

Sioux Falls, SD, USA
+1 800-895-4999

For Minnesota And Fort Collins
+1 800-895-4999
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