Yellow Pages: Phone Number For Business & California, Reverse Lookup

Yellow Pages

Yellow pages is a US-based web site which is operated by YP Holdings and provides listings for local businesses in the US. In 2013, it was re-named as or "YP" and offers a wide range of marketing tools like local search, online presence, display ads and direct marketing, business information, maps and driving directions. About 60 million consumers in the US use it every month. Since 2013, YP Holdings is wholly owned subsidiary of DexYP. Its headquarters are currently located in Tucker, Georgia, US.
Phone Number: +1 (800) 573-0059 From 7:00 am to 7:00 pm From Monday thru Friday.

Yellow Pages Business

You can find information about any business on Yellow Pages by Business name. You will get all the authorized details about the business you want.
You can also update your business phone number and other details on Yellow Pages to grow your business, by visiting the free listing page and enter your business name and phone to update or dial +1-888-573-9922.

Yellow Pages California

Phone Number: +1 800-847-9760
To search the business, restaurants, doctors and other services in California, visit the California Yellow Pages website to get any information about any business and office. You can also send them online contact form and give your feedback and comment to California Yellow Pages.


Yellow pages provide you to find any unknown contact number with a reverse phone lookup.
Phone Number: +1-888-573-9922
  • Visit the Reverse Phone Lookup page by Yellow Pages.
  • Enter the 10 digit phone number in the blank field to check who owns the number.
  • After check a free reverse phone number, you can further find the name or location of the owner or other details if available (charges apply).
  • Remember that unlisted phone numbers may not show results in Yellow Pages.


Yellow pages allow the customer to lookup any person, number, business to get details. You can find details such as name, number, address, and much more of an owner or business. You can also identify spam texts and fraud calls.
  • To lookup any business and find details, visit the Yellow Pages lookup page.
  • Enter "business name or category" in the blank space.
  • Enter "location" in next box.
  • Click "Find" button, to get search results.
  • You will get the details of business with phone number, address and location.

How to Contact The Customer Service Department of Yellow Pages?

Contact Us: Yellow Pages has provided contact us page for customer help and support and to reach their member.
Write A Review: You can write your reviews about Yellow Pages services on the write a review page by Yellow Pages.
General Helpline: +1 (800) 573-0059
Business Listing: +1-888-573-9922
Customer Service Number: +1 (877) 243-8339
Email Service: Email Yellow Pages at "" for business inquiries and to contact business department of Yellow Pages.
Mailing Address: "2247 Northlake Parkway Tucker, GA 30084".
Open Hours: Monday to Friday, 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.
Corporate Office Address: "2247 Northlake Parkway Tucker, GA 30084 United States".
Corporate Phone Number: +1 866 570 8863
Driving Directions: driving direction given to reach the corporate headquarters of Yellow Pages in GA.
How to Login: Visit the account login page of Yellow Pages and enter your email and password to sign to YP account.

List of Other Essential Phone Numbers of Yellow Pages

LocationsPhone Numbers
Advertising+1 (877) 243-8339
Montreal +1 514-236-9874
Canada+1 800 359 321
Perth+1 800 359 321
Philippines+63 555 8500
Australia+1 800 359 321
Brisbane+1 800 359 321
Birmingham Al+1 (205) 991-1910
Florida+1 (877) 243-8339
NJ+1 (877) 243-8339
MA+1 (877) 243-8339
Ohio+1 (877) 243-8339
Illinois+1 (877) 243-8339
CT+1 (877) 243-8339>
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